Marquis Fastener Management Systems


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Our tools work so fast, that they'll pay for themselves in no time!

"Most ideas that come across my desk today improve a catagory. These products create one. " 

Joe Carlen, MBA, MISM

 Founder: Know Thy Market, LLC


“This new panel fastener tool facilitates remarkably easy and lightning-fast removal and insertion of two-piece panel fasteners.  Also, the tool can help to remove two-piece panel fasteners safely, i.e., without damaging the adjacent panel surface or the two-piece panel fasteners, which can then be re-used.  Thus, this valuable and versatile tool provides quantifiable savings of time and materials, and will therefore be a huge benefit to many different companies.”   Russ Weinzimmer, Senior Patent Attorney, Russ Weinzimmer & Associates, PC  January 2015